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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Funny cats and Keyboard Cat

Above, a fairly short compilation done for some show. Funny cats!

And below... I'm so sorry, I just can't keep myself from an appearance from the one, the only... Keyboard Cat.


Funny cats in water, EPIC

Cats aren't ALWAYS afraid of water. This one swims like a BOSS.

Funny Cats - A Compilation

I have no idea what show this is from, but somebody went to a lot of trouble to assemble this!

cat dance to michael Jackson

OK, this one may not be real, but it's still funny!

Dramatic Cat

This cat really gets into the part!

Very Angry Cat

Angry Cat!

That is one angry cat!

And a few more.



These cats play to win!

The Flying Ninja Cat (Atia the cat)

That is one flying cat!


I'm sorry, I laugh and laugh at this one!

The OMG Cat

Yes, it's the famous OMG! Cat.

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Drunk Monkeys Fail - Weird Nature

How to get ahead in the monkey kingdom.